Hi, gang! Laura and I are happy to announce that the new Ella calendar for 2014 is available now from Lulu.com. It features thirteen months of all your favorite Ella photos from 2013—well, okay, all our favorites—and it's far less pricey than in previous years! For a limited time you can get it from Lulu.com for the discounted price of only $11.99.

Click below and buy now, and you can keep acting Ella-Phantile all year long.

Ella-Phantile 2014 13-Month Calendar

Ella-Phantile 2014 13-Month Calendar

But that's not all! If you just can't get enough of Ella, we've created an alternative calendar for 2014—actually, it's our 2014 Ella-Ternative 13-Month Calendar! Same great low price! Thirteen different super-cute photos!

2014 Ella-Ternative 13-Month Calendar

Ella says, "Get 'em both!"

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Hi, gang! Laura and I are happy to announce that the new Ella calendar for 2013 is available now from Lulu.com. It features thirteen months of all your favorite Ella photos from 2012—well, okay, all our favorites—and for the moment we're offering it from Lulu.com for the discounted price of only $19.99.

But wait! If you order today, you can take another $3.00 off that price by using the discount code 18DEC at checkout. That makes it only $16.99 plus shipping and handling. What a steal!

Click below and buy now, and you can keep watching Ella-Vision all year long.

Ella-Vision 2013 13-Month Calendar

Ella-Vision 2013 13-Month Calendar

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Cheap bitch

Nov. 5th, 2010 02:51 pm
Don't call Ella cheap, but she did just get less expensive. Take an extra 30% off her 2011 calendar when you enter the coupon code EARLYBIRD305 at checkout! (Offer good through November 15, 2010.)

Ella-Mental 2011 13-Month Calendar
Though Laura and I have fallen down on the job for the past few years, we've finally gotten it together enough to publish a sequel to the immensely popular Ella-Vation 2006 and Ella-Tion 2007 calendars.

Yes, our furry little 33-pound calendar girl is back in her biggest productino ever, with an extra month thrown in for free:

Ella-Mental 2011 13-Month Calendar

For a limited time, only $14.39! Order all you want. We'll print more.
Finally, for a little closure, clicking this photograph will take you to a Flickr set of my choices for the best pictures from our trip. Relax, there are only 148.

William Shunn and Laura Chavoen at Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

But if you want to see more, way more, you can sample this collection instead.
Laura took this photo of the front window of the Tastee Freez around the corner:

Tastee Freez window menu
My beautiful, brave wife.
Gothamist today has a fascinating interview with wunderkind photographer Bill Wadman about his ongoing 365 Portraits project. Our own [livejournal.com profile] steelbrassnwood gets a shout-out:

What's been the most interesting shoot so far?
There are so many that it’s hard to single out one most interesting shoot, but there are a few that stick out in my memory. For example, back in February I shot a woman named Margot Stevenson on her 95th birthday, or the time I introduced myself to and shot Ken Ficara in Prospect Park, or this past Monday when I shot director Michael Kang in Washington Square Park. Each day is a different little story and I think that adds to the project. I've also become friends with a number of my subjects, which is a nice ancillary benefit.  [full interview]
(It's kind of funny that Bill says he introduced himself to Ken and shot him. Like a scene from a Brooklyn gangster movie!)

Besides Ken, friends of mine who've showed up on the site include Jordana Drell Rosen, Christopher Rivera, Nuno Santos, and the inexplicably controversial Nicki Bosch. (Oh, yeah, and there was mine, too, which I was very pleased with.) Laura signed up long ago, and while Bill and I both keep trying to twist her arm, she hasn't picked a date. Yet.

By the way, I think last night's portrait is one of the most stunning so far, simply in terms of color, composition, and the serendipitous appearance of birds.
Via John Klima:

Plug your answer for each question into Google Image Search. Post the first image that comes up.

Lotsa pretty pictures )
Hey, my good friend and screenwriting partner Christopher Rivera is featured at 365Portraits.com today! Shades of a New York that used to be, or maybe never was.
The watchpost
For those of you who've been shocked, shocked, at the revelation that I am not naturally blond, here is a photograph from back when I still proudly wore my natural hair color:

William Shunn at Writers Write

That was 1998. Of course, now if I stopped getting highlights my hair would be a lot less dark than that. Gray, even.
Actually, I'm tuning in to catch the latest CIA bulletins.

How I keep myself beautiful
It took Laura and me a little longer than we had planned this year, but our 2007 12-month Ella calendar is finally available for purchase at the terribly reasonable price of $15.95, with shipping options as low as $1.91! Get yours today and have [livejournal.com profile] ellapup hanging on your wall all year long!

Ella-tion 2007 12-Month Calendar

We know this is what you've been looking forward to all winter.
Via Laura, via A Whole Lotta Nothing:

Flickr's Christmas Easter egg: Add a note to your photo with text "ho ho ho hat," and Flickr draws a Santa hat on it. Add one that says "ho ho ho beard" and you get a long white beard.

Scott Edelman just sent me some photos he took at World Fantasy, one of which fairly screamed to be posted here.

Not particularly inflammatory but might offend my mother )
Laura and I didn't take many photos at World Fantasy, but luckily the irrepressible John Klima did.

William Shunn & Paul Witcover

William Shunn in the Austin Renaissance atrium

Klima and his Spilt Milk Press are bringing out my chapbook in May, but in the meantime you would be well served to snap up a copy of their first chapbook, The Sense of Falling by Ezra Pines. That link is to an old pre-order page, but rest assured that this slim volume is out and available and well worth your five measly bucks.

Had a great time in Austin. Laura and I caught up with several New York friends who have decamped to Texas in the last couple of years, saw Idiocracy (at last) at a movie theater that serves beer, drank more Shiner Bock than we ever hoped to in our wildest dreams, attended a plethora of great readings, managed to get lost more than once on the Capital of Texas Highway, ate ourselves silly, and at least met great folks like Evan McClanahan and Trent Hergenrader in person. I was very sorry to have arrived at the bar too late Sunday evening to meet up with ShunnCast listener Andrew Langston—my deepest apologies!—but I did arrive in time to meet by chance an editor who spoke enthusiastically about the novel proposal for Inclination that is on her desk.

So all in all, a splendid weekend, and I thank Laura for, as usual, keeping me out of the hotel room and on track.
This was the scene Laura called me to see out our back door this morning. She was already there taking pictures:

Where's Ella? )

Our tulips, which we didn't plant but were just waiting for us, under the ground, have been opening slowly in sequence from the front of the yard to the back along the north fence, then from the north to south along the back fence. This reflects the amount of sun falling on each portion of the yard. There are yellow and pink tulips along the side, red along the back. Ella likes to lounge amongst them. If you look closely enough, you can see the fallen soldier she has crushed beneath her monstrous fuzzy body.

Ella went to the groomer yesterday. The cut will look good once it's grown out a little and gotten some curl back. But for now she is soft as satin.

Groovy dog

Apr. 4th, 2006 02:23 pm
Little did we suspect, but it would appear that our own [livejournal.com profile] ellapup has been secretly stealing studio time, and her self-released psychedelic hippie folk revival tribute album will be shipping any day now. I am fortunate enough to have discovered this (thanks for the tip-off call, MasterCard!), and I have a first look at the photo shoot that will yield her album cover.

Groovy Dog
A meme via [livejournal.com profile] curmudgeon:

The Rule is that you take the best picture you like from the first page of Google Images results.

1. The city and state of the town you grew up, no quotation marks.

2. The town where you currently reside. [Sorry, had to pick two, tempted by three!]

3. Your name, first and last, but again, no quotes.

4. Your grandmother's name.

5. Your favorite food. [Close second and mouth-watering third.]

6. Your favorite drink.

7. Your favorite smell. [Mmm, the second-place smell, the third-place coquettishness.]

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